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FREE SHIPPING! Very unique, vintage wooden Horse & carriage (or buggy). Only 250 were made, this one is numbered 121 (the number is on the bottom of the horse base...see pic). 
Real horse hair, rubber on the wheels, Very nice piece! Toy??
small amount of damage to the ear.. from moving recently. You could fix the ear or put the hair over to cover it? :(

I had this in my antique shop and it always received positive attention and lots of questions. (It was never for sale, at that time).
I have never seen another one like it, or even close. I do not know the history behind it. I have had it personally, for over 25 years. We speculated that it may possibly be Amish??

TOTAL length (both pieces together); 28" (depending on where you place the wooden reins). 
Width at largest point 11" (outside of the large, carriage wheels).  
Height: 14.5" (tallest at the top of horses head).

CARRIAGE:  25" length x 11 wide x 14 tall.  
The seat inside (to put a teddy bear or doll) is 9.5" front to back and 5" wide.

HORSE: 16" length x 5.5" wide x 14.5" tall.  Horse base has rubber wheels. They are a little bent but still roll ok.

Make this part of your antique, vintage, or horse collection!

Vintage wooden Horse & carriage. ONLY 250 made, this is # 121. Real horse hair!

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