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FREE SHIPPING on this 9 piece set of Vintage Japanese Wooden Lacquer Bowl Set.

Black with various colors and each has a different scene, some small pearl in them too. 

Bought in the 1940's (according to the evidence and pictures that she took on her travels).

It also comes with a newpaper from Okinawa, when my Grandmother brought this set. I don't know if she used the paper just to help wrap the items or if the artist that did these has an article about them? (I wish I would have listened closer about this item, when I was a kid). 

The 1 large bowl is about 11" and the 6 smaller bowls are 6". It also comes with a spoon and fork (the very tip of one of the prongs came off, but its included... so is the newspaper. Enjoy some history!

Vintage Japanese Wooden Lacquer Bowl Set. Black, different scenes bought 1940's

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