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This is framed & autographed memorabilia. Signed by Linda Blair.
It says, "You make my head spin!" Linda Blair. From The Exorcist movie.
(Since I moved, I do not have the certification anymore. That's why it is so inexpensive).
This was framed very nicely and the purple EXCORCIST lettering looks 3D. 
The plaque at the bottom with her name and picture; looks like its metal of some sort, possibly. I have never opened it. 
The large photo from the movie, at the top has a real cool dual image. 
It shows Linda as the Demon and if you look to the right, she is creepily pictured as a normal girl, looking over the Demon's shoulder.
I'm not sure when it was made, but I had to put a date in.

Framed & autographed by Linda Blair. The Exorcist Movie

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