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"Finding unityin our Community!"

Featuring our favorite

Businesses, "Side Hustles", or Charity

What better way to find the services you need, than from an honest referral or a review from a neighbor, classmate, or family member. It seems everyone has said at one time:

"I've got someone I use for that."  People LOVE to share their experiences & refer great service!

Let's help each other & keep the "Mom & Pop shops" or side hustles going!

*A "Side Hustle" is a way to make extra money & doing what you really love!

We would love to feature your "side hustle" or small business here, for FREE, as well!

(Unfortunately, the days of yelling out the window to ask a neighbor are gone... we now use social media & websites)!

Image by Danica Tanjutco

Some of our BEST Referrals (EXAMPLE):

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